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18" x 24", Print


The NBA Starcharts System is a project-study investigating visual solutions to basketball/athletic statistics. The aim is to measure large amounts of tedious data and summarize them into a quick, easy, and understandable motif: the starchart. 


The system is based on a pentagraph skill chart in which data points are represented by the player's stats. Ideally the perfect player aka "The Allstar" would form a perfect start shape.


Taking several of the biggest stars in the NBA, each of their stats are measured out using five areas of athletic skill pertaining to basketball. Careful consideration, along with consultation with collegiate coaches were made to determine what five statistics combined would best summarize the plethora of available variables.


As one can see, creating a perfect star shape is near impossible. The starcharts reflect a pattern that overall skill, or one's well-roundedness, is a rare occurance. Rather it is one's specific strength that often reflects weakness in the opposite variable.


The system also allows fans to create their own starschart using provided mathematical equations.

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