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The challenge of this project was to find a way in which non-alcoholic beer could be marketed as cool and trendy. Cliche approaches were discouraged such as scare tactics, drunk driving topics, alcohol-induced illness, etc. Observing advertising trends within the alcohol industry, I had found humorous, controversial ads pertaining to entertainment to have the best success. The only question was how to apply that with beer that is so heavily associated with sobriety and stoicism?

The solution: reverse party psychology.


Since beer has an inseperable connotation with party culture, the campaign flips the goal of drunkeness onto those with embarassing, yet humorous outcomes. The negative connotation associated with alcohol is flipped onto those who choose to drink alcoholic beverages, rather on those who choose to drink non-alcoholic beverages and stay sober. Soberiety is no longer looked down upon, rather with this campaign it helps enlighten its status by reversing the roles of social embarrasement. 


"His Friends Drank O'Doul's" is a simple, yet effective tagline that delivers what the challenege is seeking for. The openess and flexibility of the tag allows it to be applied to any context, gender, demographic, situation, etc.


This project was nominated into The One Show, an advertising student competition of The One Club which requires a professor's referal to be submitted. Average of 5-10 out of 400 students in the dept are referred.




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